Bank of China – SME Matchmaking 2019


In April 2019, for the eighth time in a row, Bank of China held the “16+1” Summit, attended by the Prime Minister of China and the Prime Ministers of Central and Eastern European counries in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The meeting is also a framework between Central and Eastern Europe and the governance of Chinea and the leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises. During the big event more than 100 Chinese and 300 European companies were represented.


    At This time DOPA team was tasked with a complex decoration of the Rixos Hotel in Croatia, which also served as the venue for the Prime Minister’s Summit. So we designed the two events together based on a common corporate identity. Giant backdrops, molinos, press walls were designed and made for press conferences, while the SME Matchmaking event was characterized by the development of conference materials (notebooks, conference table decorations, folders, brochures). It was particularly important that all the information materials such as delegation’s rented buses, Dubrivnik Airport etc. should be understandable by its unique look.