Gino Confectionery

The Gino secret

It is always a pleasure to be in a café. The Gino confectionery in Sopron is a special place, because it is also modern and classic. Birth in Hungarian, but its spirit is Italian! Also loud and quiet, but always attentive. Sometimes elegant, sometimes casual, but always stylish. Once trendy, other times classic, but always delicious. So we were asked to show this secret to everyone.


A creative agency’s eternal dream is once to coordinate the marketing activities of a confectionery. The blend of naturalness and the sweet world had to be manifested in photography and material choice. Finding a timeless solution in the world of colors, so we choose earth and natural colors, only using them more saturated. It is important that everything is about the creations of the pastry craftsmen, so the appearance of the brand is always very restrained and elegant.