The Aquincum Hotel

A complex task

The hotel is located in the historic part of Budapest. The Aquincum Hotel with its 310 rooms attracts visitors with tens of thousands room nights per year. The home-like environment among their competitive asset on the leisure level, but on the corporate side the ballroom serves many public events daily. The real rarity of the hotel is its own thermal SPA, where thermal water comes directly comes from under the Margaret Island via the Danube.

Our solutions

Creating the complete image of the hotel is a complex task, even though it had to be done according to the standards of the Corinthia Hotel Group. So every material needed to fit to the highly strict standards. In the hotel there are many differenct areas, so we needed to design separate communication and design identities: The marketing of whole hotel belonged to us just like the SPA department or the famous restaurant of the hotel. Throughout our collaboration we have created very sophisticated insights into the materials. With the team we learned deep insight into this exciting world. The result is an elegant coprorate look that can be used for both internal and external marketing.