The ELF brand

The secret of the victory in racing is that: even the smallest things matter. Todays teams look at each other with a magnifying glass: the engine, the tires etc, Of course that lubricants cannot be left out of the line, which is a key factor of the perfect engine operation. ELF is one of the most well-known engine oil in the world among many brands. The products of the French parent company TOTAL developed specifically for this division are determined by premium quality and long R&D experience. ELF’s full commitment has been in racing and motorsport since 1967. The brand presents at many of the world’s leading motorsport events.

Common success since 2013

DOPA has a longstanding partnership with the ELF brand and has been developing its marketing, print and web presence for years. Since 2013, we have been producing a variety of materials through event-based POS devices for retail outlets, catalogs that serve as the basis for brand communication.